About Me

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There are two bumper stickers that you’ll find on cars all over Colorado. One is a picture of the Colorado license plate—green, silhouetted mountains against a white background—and says “Native” in bold, white letters. The other, also designed after the Colorado license plate, says, “Not a Native…but I Got Here as Fast as I Could!”

I’ll be honest: I am about as far from “Colorado Native” as you can get. I was born and raised in urban, northern New Jersey, land of industrial power plants and industrial-sized pizza slices. The first time I tied into a rope, I hyperventilated. The same thing happened the first time I tried to skin up a mountain—on resort. On my first long, solo trail run I nearly tripped myself (several times) flinching at what I thought was a bear (it was just a deer).

The point is: I am not a professional athlete, and, most likely, neither are you if you are reading this blog. I love skiing, running, hiking and climbing, and find that all of those activities are better when accompanied by dogs, chocolate and good friends. I believe in the power of trying really hard, falling short and coming back stronger. I also believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. Even you. So read, share, get inspired!



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